A Few Very Personal Thoughts

Raising money and helping any worthy cause is an achievement that deserves a very special ‘Thank You’, especially so if those we owe so much to consider themselves to be just ordinary people. Well – you were not! You were very extraordinary, and without your help and others like you, ‘Daniel’s Light’ would never have been the success that it was.

You took it upon yourselves to do more than we ever hoped or dreamed about, even in our wildest dreams, and because of your selfless efforts every person who contracts Leukaemia will also have one very important thing – HOPE!

The ongoing task of fund raising, the preparation for the ‘next event’, the ‘thank you’ letters and many phone calls were all part of our grieving for Daniel.

It helped.
It helped tremendously, but the pain is always there.
It does not go away or even decrease.
It is still as blindingly sharp as it was that tragic night in May 1995.

Friends from both hospitals, continue to visit, write or ring. That shows what special people they are. You see, they still care. It also shows us how brave and special Daniel was to so many people. He certainly left his mark!

His aura lives on among everyone who knew him. This is why Joyce and I found it so easy to keep his name alive

It is also why the monies from ‘Daniel’s Light’ went to the sharp end of medicine at the Adult Leukaemia Unit.

The world will beat Leukaemia, BELIEVE IT!

Daniel, like each of and every one of us, was a child of the universe. He was, and is now a free spirit. He belonged to no one. No one owned him yet so many of us belonged to him! He evoked the spirit of leadership. His attitude was not ‘go there’, but rather ‘follow me’. He believed that if fund raising could make the job easier, especially for the nurses, then the beneficiary would always be the patient.


Thank you for taking the time to understand the whys, the wherefores, the aims and the objectives of his campaign!

Kindest Regards – Joyce and John Shacklock


Unfortunately as a result of illness no future fundraising events are currently being planned.

For those of you who may wish to donate, the ‘Daniels Light’ collection boxes will continue be available in a variety of shops and businesses in the area.