Total Funds Raised

We have some very exciting news for you, which is beyond our wildest dreams!

When John and myself set up Daniel’s Light Charity in memory of our son Daniel, our fundraising target was in retrospect quite small, but with the help of a small team of supporters we were extremely proud to meet our target of £1000 and to hand this money over to the Christie.

Then day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year, more and more people encouraged us to continue fundraising. These were not people who supported Daniel’s Light in words only, they were people like you, who were prepared to give us their practical help and to donate their time so generously.

There have been so many events over the years, and what seemed at the time to be extremely ambitious fundraising targets of £1000, £10,000 and then £50,000 were eventually achieved.

We have some amazing news, which could never have happened without your help and ideas. We can never thank you enough!

DANIEL’S LIGHT with your help has now hit our latest target, which brings the total money passed on to The Christie to £250,000!

The image below is taken from The Christie Impact Magazine

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The information below is taken from The Buxton Advertiser

The inspirational parents of a young man who died of leukaemia have hit their fundraising target of £250,000 for one of the largest cancer treatment centres in Europe.

Joyce and John Shacklock, of Furness Vale, have managed to raise the incredible amount for The Christie charity with the help of many dedicated supporters.

They chose to support the charity because their much-loved son Daniel, who received treatment for leukaemia at The Christie in Manchester sadly died aged 20 in 1995.

Over the years, the couple has raised money through various different ways, including by having day trips on the Judith Mary barge, coffee mornings, handbell ringing, bingo nights and even a duck race.

Joyce said:

  • “It’s absolutely wonderful and amazing to think we’ve now reached our £250,000 fundraising target for The Christie charity.”
  • “But we couldn’t have done it without all our wonderful supporters over the years, people who have really helped to keep Daniel’s name alive and we’d like to say a big thank you to them.“
  • “The money has made, and continues to make such a difference.”

Remembering Daniel, Joyce said:

  • “He was such a brave and well-liked young man. He is very sadly missed.”
  • “Daniel had a name for not complaining that made us incredibly proud of him,. He gave his nurses his body and his trust and allowed them to get on with what they had to do. This was Daniel’s way and in truth the only way for him.”
  • “Leukaemia has no boundaries. Absolutely anyone can be struck down by this silent and aggressive invader.”

Heather Brookfield, fundraising co-ordinator at The Christie charity, added: “We’d like to say a big thank you to Joyce and John for supporting The Christie. Fundraisers like this make a huge difference to our patient care, support and treatment.”


Unfortunately as a result of illness no future fundraising events are currently being planned.

For those of you who may wish to donate, the ‘Daniels Light’ collection boxes will continue be available in a variety of shops and businesses in the area.