The Millennium Challenge 1997

In April ’97 we were happy to announce the next project. When the idea was broached, we went a little weak at the knees, but, and it is an important but, when we realised the amount of psychological support and comfort that will be provided for both patient and close relatives during the critical induction period, we had no hesitation in accepting the challenge.

The intention was to provide funding for an accommodation suite, where mothers and fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives, sons and daughters can be in constant close proximity to the patient during the initial stages of induction and treatment. Joyce and I know only too well what it would have meant for us, but especially to Danny if we could have all stayed close to each other during that period of deep shock and trauma that embraced us all.

The cost of the suite was £60,000, and for ‘Daniel’s Light’ was a huge target. We intended to spread it over nearly four years, ending on 31st December 2000. Hence the name of the appeal.

Wonderfully the target was reached on time. During it’s duration we met many kind hearted, willing and generous people, some that shared our grief, many more that could not, but all wanting to get stuck in and do or give something. We made many friends, shed many tears, had many laughs and shared many exciting experiences.

Thanks to so many people ‘Daniel’s Light’ took on ‘The Millennium Challenge’ and delivered bang on time.


Unfortunately as a result of illness no future fundraising events are currently being planned.

For those of you who may wish to donate, the ‘Daniels Light’ collection boxes will continue be available in a variety of shops and businesses in the area.