Light the Light Appeal 1995

We had received many generous donations at Daniel’s funeral and offers of help were also pouring in. Emma’s dad, Phil (Emma was Daniel’s bestest forever friend), took part in the sponsored ‘Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride’, and raised four hundred pounds for the fund. Each time someone says “can we do this for Daniel’s Light?” the hairs on the back of our necks stand up and we get lumps in the throat. In July ’95, Joyce and I, very tongue in cheek, set a target of £10,000 to be achieved by the anniversary of Daniel’s passing on – May 1996. We called it ‘Light the Light’ appeal.

With the generous help from so many people, friends, acquaintances, customers, relatives and total strangers, the initial target was blown wide open in early January – four months early! An interim target of £25,000 to be reached by New Year ’97 was set, and fund raising had now become a bigger concern, and ‘Daniel’s Light’ took on a whole new aspect. However, in spite of tremendous support, we didn’t quite make the target. We turned the New Year on £22,000; a really spectacular effort by so many generous and kind hearted people. However, more splendid efforts followed, which enabled us to ‘Light the Light’ by early Spring. A very proud and moving moment for Joyce and I and our many friends and supporters.

With the extension of the A.L.U. many items were needed. They are still needed now, and they will certainly be needed in ‘nows’ to come! We would dearly like to believe that ‘Daniel’s Light’ could respond to the challenge in the most positive way of all, by being able to say “Yes, ‘Daniel’s Light’ will support you”, and we knew that with the incredible response to our appeal by the peoples of Whaley bridge, Furness vale and the surrounding villages and townships of the High peak that we would be able to do so. By now we were pleasantly aware that the instinct reaches far beyond our boundaries; and as mentioned earlier, ‘Daniel’s Light’ had taken on a whole new aspect. With the overwhelming support to help, with the ‘doing things’ for Daniel’s Light, with the kindness of so many people, Joyce and I feel not only very humble, but also very privileged to have so much trust placed in us. It is by no means a burden, but if it was it would be one that Joyce and I are very happy to share.

‘Light the Light’ appeal was staggeringly successful, however, now the light has been lit it must be kept burning and shining brightly. Joyce and I have promised to do that for as long as it takes.

In early Summer 1997, it gave us much pleasure, on behalf of all our supporters, to be able to purchase the aforementioned pumps and drip stands. In a letter of thanks from Professor Scarfe he states “It is not an exaggeration to say that without support such as yours and the people of the High Peak, the Leukaemia Unit.


Unfortunately as a result of illness no future fundraising events are currently being planned.

For those of you who may wish to donate, the ‘Daniels Light’ collection boxes will continue be available in a variety of shops and businesses in the area.